Ethical & Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer

At A1ClothingFactory, sustainability is a way of doing business rather than just a concept. We strongly believe that integrating social and environmental issues with business will yield long term benefits to the company. Way before when Ethical and sustainable fashion has been gathering momentum globally, we started this into practice and today we're one of the most trusted ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturer.

Being high quality women's clothing manufacturer, for us ethical and sustainable fashion is an approach towards sourcing and manufacturing clothes which maximizes the benefits to the industry and society at large, at the same time minimizes the impacts on the environment. We love working with like minded sustainable brands who understands this and they choose or aspire to use eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics for their collection. Since we're hard-core custom clothing manufacturer who does not design anything, we request all our existing as well as potential clients to keep sustainability in focus; because ethical and sustainable fashion is driven by clothing labels which goes through private label clothing manufacturer like us and ends in consumer's wardrobe.

Our Apparel Sourcing Acumen towards Sustainability

As a sustainable clothing manufacture, we have great access of all kinds of eco-friendly fabrics which can justify your commitments towards sustainable fashion. Be it bamboo clothing manufacturers, or eco friendly clothing manufacturers, or organic clothing manufacturers, or sustainable clothing production, or sustainable garment manufacturing; we're the most trusted name. We promote, source and manufacture widest range of sustainable fashion based on your custom designs.

100% Pure Organic Fabric

Fabric Made out of Banana Fibres

Bamboo Fabric

Lotus Fibre Fabrics

Aloe Vera Fabrics

Recycled Fabrics

100% Milk Fibre Fabrics

OEKO-TEX Certified Fabrics

Rose Petal Fabrics

BCI Certified Cotton Fabrics

Fabrics Made Out of Sugar Cane Fibres

Certified 100% Organic Cotton

We strongly believe that if an employee does not love its company, then customer can never love! While working as the manufacturer of world's leading private label women's clothing, we are highly compliant in terms of social and ethical business practice. We're the ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturers who emphasize on the safety, health, and well being of its people. 


In true sense, we are ethical clothing suppliers. Right from the inception we have been following ethical trade practices with due regards to the health, safety and general working conditions of our staff. It is our endeavor to ensure that our employees have the best working environment and are paid according to industry standards. In addition to respecting all local labor and environmental laws, our level of compliance is at par with international standards which makes us proud to be the women's clothing manufacturer and supplier of some of the world's best fashion brands in its category.

Our code of conduct: Zero tolerance of unethical work practices!

  • Respect of international human and worker rights:  Committed to upholding the principles of ethical working practices as laid out by the International Labor Organization of the United Nations.

  • No abuse of worker rights: Our staff is treated with dignity and are never subjected to physical, sexual, verbal or psychological abuse.

  • Health, safety and hygiene assurance: We are committed to providing a safe, pleasing and hygienic working environment and facilities to our employees.

  • Fair payment and benefit guidelines:  Compensation is as per accepted industry standards and local law.

  • Restricted maximum work time and voluntary paid overtime: Work hours do not exceed 48 hours a week and overtime is paid at prescribed rates.

  • Freedom of association and right to collective negotiation: We respect the legal right of association and collective negotiation. We promise not to penalize in any way legitimate initiatives of workers to organize.

  • No forced or obligatory labor: We do not tolerate any instance of forced labor. All our staff perform their duties voluntarily

  • No child labor: Children are not allowed to enter the factory premise.

  • Equal opportunity employer: No discrimination on the base of sex, race or age.

  • Respect for the environment: We strictly comply to all local environmental laws and operate with a caring and responsible attitude towards the environment.

  • Compliance with the law: We strictly comply with all relevant local and international laws. We have a zero tolerance policy towards bribery and extortion. We are committed to be ethical fashion.

  • Supervision and enforcement of the code: Compliance to this code is mandatory to us and to all our suppliers. We have communicated these rules to the entire organization and regularly check compliance.