We're a high-quality clothing manufacturers in India equipped and skilled to produce garment precisely matching your design and specification at the most reasonable price. 


We're not one-time business and overnight entrepreneurs. We have built this business after several years of struggle and hard work. For us, our client's trust and relation are everything.


Like any relationship, our relations to stand on two major pillars - love and care. We love the work we do for our clients and do care about their business interests, their exceptions, and their interest. 

We never let down our clients. In fact, we do our best to cherish and flourish our client's clothing label because our business is entirely dependent on our client's success.



A1ClothingFactory is committed to doing quality work in everything we do. Be it our internal administration or floor management or account's bookkeeping, we maintain SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) which guides us to stick with quality in every aspect of our business conduct.

We know the art of delivering the best quality output while remaining cost-effective. The definition of quality varies from person to person. But for us, it has only one definition - what our clients ask is quality because our clients know their business better! Hence we first understand the requirement details and deliver exactly what our clients ask. In case anything which is not possible or over expected then we consult the client rather keeping them in dark. 


Our commitment to quality living is for the most junior person working in our factory. Be it paying on time, right wages, standard working hours or health and hygiene at the workplace, our garment factory takes pride to ensure the quality living of our people.

Besides that, we promote sustainable business practice by ensuring natural lighting at work place and using man-made fabrics / eco-friendly fabrics for our clients. 

We strongly believe in happy employees will yield productivity. Hence we do our best to make our people happy and that is the reason we have the people working since the inception of our factory.

Being quality oriented women clothing manufacturer, we strongly believe that quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

When we say, quality guarantee it means, we take the responsibility of certain things; such as -

No Stains on Garments

A garment goes through various hands and process. Despite keeping clean work place, stains use to come. We do check this at finishing level.